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The happier your team is, the better outcomes will be for all to enjoy!
(Back up by Science)

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Do you want to work with people who not only feel happy but ARE HAPPY?


Are you ready for a new vision and fresh air for more happiness and sustainability?

TheHappyRs workshops are:

Your mission to create a better world is possible!

First, your team desperately needs to get out of autopilot so that they truly enjoy their legacy.

Let me help you

I can do several sessions for larger corporations, as my wish is really to meet you and help you shine!

What are the workshops?

We will go through a personalized workshop in which you will take your people on

a journey to Sustainable Happiness with TheHappyRs


WORKSHOP 1: Recharge


Learn and practice simple proven tools to recharge.


You will begin a journey to recognize who you are called to be and how you can take the next step to live happily and sustainably!


WORKSHOP 2: Redefine


You are the reflection of your relationship to all parts of your world.


Reanalyze and redefine how your relationships have a crucial effect on your future and how you can improve those relationships.


WORKSHOP 3: Reprogram


Many of us know what we need to do.


Only a few do it. Why?


There is a "scary" bridge between knowing and doing.


Learn and practice scientifically proven tools to manage fear and take charge of your life!


WORKSHOP 4: Revalue


What are the values that define you?


Could you prioritize them?


Are you giving priority to your values?


The way you spend or invest your time and money can show coherence between what you think and what you do.

You will look at how you can improve and revalue your most precious resources.


WORKSHOP 5: Rediscover


Do you have the power to create a better planet?


Of course, you do!


You have SUPERPOWERS and RESPONSIBILITY to transform our world.


We have experienced how we are all connected, and our actions affect our entire shared home: Planet Earth.


Make more efficient and sustainable daily decisions and actions so that you sustainably enjoy happiness.

Together, we will lift those spirits in your corporation and ignite the spark so that your people not only feel happy but choose to be happy every day of their lives in a sustainable way.


Let's have a REAL conversation!

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