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Hi! I'm Mayra
and you are?


Do you believe you are never enough or not loved enough?

Are there consequences in your life from decisions or no-action that are probably not the best?


I was there.

Would you like to rewrite your story with God?

My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. These brought many wounds and pain. Now, I can see God wants to use those moments so I can learn to love and sit in peace and joy, even during pain. 

But there is a difference between clean and dirty pain, do you know it?


Do you have goals and dreams but think that is not possible?


Do they stay on paper or even only in your mind?

I literally created my own job out of recycling (including the job description) when I was only 19 years old outside my country, my language, and even changed my career. In short words, way outside my comfort zone!


The result?


One of the most successful recycling programs in the region grew into a sustainability endeavor and brought me many local and national awards, including:

What would you do if you had the tools to stop overthinking?

Do you know YOU are gifted with a unique design to know, serve, and love God?


You can decide and work every day to be a happy, healthy woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and friend who truly lives and enjoys the abundant life that Jesus promised us!

Do you know you can choose what to feel?  

Would you love to know how to improve your relationships?

My core values are


I am blessed to have the most amazing families and friends, including my grandma and mom, who have helped me grow many of my

greatest skills.

I love traveling, eating, and learning 😎 Oh! And I am addicted to emojis and gifs.

You are a growing, loving daughter of God

Let's co-create a better version of yourself to serve the people around you at a higher level

so together, we enjoy a more sustainable and happy world!

START TODAY by sharing your email, and you will receive exclusive and free content to learn how to choose what to feel and improve your relationships

Thanks for your trust!

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