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God is calling you to enjoy your life.

Do you put everyone and everything

before yourself?

Do you need someone to truly listen to you?

Do you know how to create healthy boundaries?

Would you love to find clarity and feel peace?

Are you a happy human being but feel depleted

You know what you must do but often find yourself not doing it?

You need time to recharge!

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My husband, son, and I have lived in:

Those experiences, the challenges of being a wife and mom, and growing my faith have helped me rediscover my life in so many refreshing ways.

You can and MUST bring out the joy inside YOU!


As your Sustainable Happiness Coach with the help of:

(Yes, it is possible to have this powerful combination!),

TheHappyRs will walk next to you, making it:

You will bring sustainable happiness into your soul & embrace it to live a happy & fulfilling life caring about our: 


Did you know you can rewire your brain in 63 days?


According to communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist Caroline Leaf, Ph.D., we absolutely have the ability to rewrite our thoughts and literally rewire our brain.

How will the sessions be?


Since research shows your brain needs three sets of 21 days to rewire, we will meet for:


TheHappyRs are those baby steps that will improve your life and inspire you to go from overthinking to achieve your goals NOW:

The best part?


You will have a daily momentum buddy that will help rediscover your life, so YOU light up our world!

Redefine (2)

You have a unique fire inside of YOU waiting to GROW,

and I want to help you ignite it.

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